Dog Walking Services

A dog’s life – Dogs need activity too!

If you can’t be around for your dog, we can. The PETS at PLAY Dog Walking Service provides your canine with companionship when you must be out of town or when a long day prevents you from giving your pet the attention it needs. A PETS at PLAY dog walking companion brightens what would otherwise be a lonely day for your pet.

That’s right. Humans aren’t the only animals that need exercise and activity to stay fit and have fun. Variety is the spice of a dog’s life too. They require proper daily physical activity. Many behavioral problems, such as chewing and barking, result from being left alone for long periods of time. The PETS at PLAY Dog Walking Service is a great preventative remedy. Let PETS at PLAY care for your dog when you can’t. Your dog will appreciate it and you will see the difference.